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Drawer ROCKALU Extra Cab 1200 x 1600 mm

Drawer ROCKALU Extra Cab 1200 x 1600 mm

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The ROCKALU drawer, equipped with a universal top plate, is made in France with high quality materials that allow perfect workmanship and high resistance. It is designed to offer high modularity.

  • Drawer
The drawer with a loading capacity of 120 kg can hold up to 6 European standard 600 x 400 boxes (sold separately).
The drawer can also be equipped with polyethylene plates (sold separately) on which the desired items can be placed.
The boxes can also be attached using the aero points on the front and back of the drawer (right next to the bottle opener ;-)).
  • top plate

The top panel is made of polyethylene honeycomb to withstand external influences (moisture, UV rays, cold, heat, etc.). This modern material gives it strength and lightness, so the loading capacity is up to 700 kg.

Thanks to a patented system, the ROCKALU drawer block can be adapted to most pick-up extra cabins on the market thanks to its width-adjustable side rails.

These AJ airline rails also feature recesses that allow for aero hook attachment.

An AJ-Airline center rail for the aero hooks also allows them to be attached in the middle of the loading area.

The entire drawer system is lashed into the deck using the included metal tensioner. The system is easy to install and remove and can be reused in another deck when changing vehicles.

Delivered as a kit, you can assemble it yourself.

Technical data:

Weight: 70kg
Loading weight: 120 kg
Load capacity of top plate: 700 kg

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